Tribes in Australian

Several origin myths belong to many of the aboriginal people. The Arandans, the Murngins, and the Great Western Desert people, for instance, tell of a prehuman “dream time” during which magical ancestors created sites, traditions, and people during their “walkabouts”.

Often the ancestors became lizards (or other animals), gave birth to more lizards, and then, warmed by the sun, turned as a group into humans. The Dieri god made the first man in the form of a lizard but found it could only walk when its tail was cut off.

The Arandan people have a creator-lizard, Mangwer-kunger-kunja, and the Jumu and Pindupis have one called Pupola. The creator-lizards gave the bull-roarer and other sacred totem objects to their people. They also gave them the boomerang and taught them how to survive.

The Aymara are Andean people of Bolivia. Their principle deity is the snow god, Kun. Angry at human beings, Kun once covered creation with snow and ice, and nothing but evil spirits could survive on the frozen world. After this “ice flood,” it was the gods of fertility who sent their sons, the Eagle Men, to create new people, the Paka-Jakes, who still live near Lake Titicaca.

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